current teams


Audrey Marble, Anna Bursch, Kobe McDaniel, Andrew Metz, and Haley Osborn.


Mia Leoncavallo Fleming, Esther Nguyen, Allie Lake, and Sophie Bilger.

India: visiting our women entrepreneurs in their homes in the villages following up with them. They will be helping build self-esteem and showing love to our after-school girls. Taking part in medical camps, awareness programs, helping with our pregnancy and lactating women's program. Storytelling is a huge thing we need - just working alongside our national staff in the day to day activities documenting and capturing information/ stories (photos/ videos/ social media) to help us as we raise awareness and funds.


Micah Nazarino, Kimber-Lee Hoeye, Sarah Hemmett, and Andrea Loutsis.

Lithuania: the first couple of weeks they are teaching at an English camp, all of July they are Resident Advisors for students from all over Eastern Europe who are attending LCC camp, and the last week they are volunteering with a church.


Elizabeth Halbert, Hannah Douglas, Tobey Krippaehne,

Naomi Akiyama, and Katie Schroder.


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Photos of past and present deputees.

current teams

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